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System Administration

Today, businesses are becoming more and more reliant on IT, whether for ensuring your newly configured software is up to date or resetting password or even for ensuring the user accounts have the correct access rights. Your IT systems need constant monitoring and changing. And as new technology is added, the business again requires administering IT which can become increasingly resource draining activity. LeanTask is well aware of the limitations your business have, i.e lacking the dedicated resources and infrastructure needed to maintain an in-house support team for your IT-related issues. Thus our “ system administration services” simplify your server management needs inside out. We provide both on-going and on-demand system administration support as well as remote system monitoring services, which are highly reliable and available round the clock to make sure your business is always up and running.

Windows system administration:

LeanTask will be responsible for installing, managing and upgrading Windows-based systems and servers within your business. We will take care of managing your data, security, configuring user access and maintaining the stability of the system.

Cloud Services

LeanTask offers network services, infrastructure, or business applications in the cloud. We provide on-demand delivery of IT resources over the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. So instead of buying, owning and maintaining physical data centers and servers, you can access technology services, such as computing power, storage and databases, on an as-needed basis.

Cloud System Administration

Hiring software engineers to deliver remote cloud computing administration is the best way to ensure cost-efficiency and reliability of IT operations. LeanTask takes the responsibility of managing the instances of the cloud infrastructure services and the multiple cloud servers. Our professionals lead, oversee and maintain, multi user computing environment as per the requirements of your business. We develop, configure, implement and manage the systems that comprise the underlying cloud platform. Also assist in setting up public or private cloud systems. Our team of experienced developers have a thorough understanding of the best practices and tools for cloud infrastructure management, huge experience with designing and implementing such infrastructures, as well as ready solutions for the majority of standard challenges and situations.

Remote IT support Services

Outsourcing remote IT support services is a smarter way of resolving computer related issues within a short period of time. LeanTasj can sort any software issues remotely using an online platform. We can provide you with best-in-class remote IT support services. We have a team of experts who are trained to handle any of the software issues with high efficiency and ease.